Wedding Checklist

If you are having a Scottish wedding, as soon as possible you should...

  • Decide type of wedding and budget
  • Arrange date
  • Arrange wedding with clergyman
  • Book Scottish wedding venue
  • Arrange bridesmaids

12-9 months to go...

  • Select wedding photographer
  • Select videographer
  • Order wedding cars
  • Select band for reception

9-6 months to go...

  • Select wedding gown
  • Select attendants' dress
  • Select men's formal wear
  • Order wedding cake
  • Take out wedding insurance
  • Book toastmaster (if required)
  • Make up a guest list

6-4 months to go...

  • Order invitations and stationary
  • Select a florist
  • Select a scottish wedding venue decorator
  • Select the honeymoon
  • Select music for ceremony
  • Select head-dress, shoes and accessories
  • Arrange a gift registry

4-2 months to go...

  • Address wedding invitations
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Order Bridal favours
  • Select attendants' gifts
  • Arrange dancing classes (if required)
  • Consult beautician and hairdresser
  • Shop for trousseau

2 months to go...

  • Send out invitations
  • Get marriage licence
  • Arrange accommodation for guests
  • Buy wedding gifts for each other and attendants
  • Arrange final fitting for your gown
  • Prepare seating plans
  • Check passports
  • Check items affected by your new surname

1 month to go...

  • Record wedding gifts and write thank-you letters
  • Check all dress wear for Bridal party
  • Confirm rehearsal time
  • Review seating plans and prepare place and namecards
  • Arrange change of name on accounts etc...

2 weeks to go...

  • Confirm all arrangements with suppliers
  • Give final numbers to wedding venue
  • Hold stag/hen party

1 week to go

  • Pack cases and arrange their safekeeping
  • Check all travel documents and arrange their safekeeping
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